Care Instructions


You have your exclusive pair of WE ARE board shorts, thrashed them out on the surf or spent a day exploring in the sunshine. Your Mum (or MOM) isn't there to wash your shorts… What do you do?


Time to adult - WE ARE here to help!

Let’s keep this basic. It is important to follow the right care instructions to keep your board shorts looking good and to make them last as long as possible. We don't want them to fade, shrink or get destroyed so here’s what you do.


Separate your laundry into darks and lights. Take extra care with prints on a light coloured background. BLEACH is a massive NO so make sure the detergent you use is bleach free.  A cold hand wash is recommended otherwise a cold machine wash is suitable. Think of the planet and only use the suggested amount of detergent. Once washed, our board shorts like to be hung to dry - no tumble dryer necessary! If you are a perfectionist then go ahead and use a cool iron inside out. 



Sunscreen is great for your skin but not so great for your clothes so be careful when applying. (this also goes for
tanning oils)


WE ARE designed for adventure, but bear in mind sunlight and chlorine can lighten shorts. It is best to rinse shorts in fresh water after use and to squeeze them of excess water, do not wring them.